NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter officially ends its mission on Mars

After almost three years, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, which became the first spacecraft to fly past another world, has completed its mission. Agency officials confirmed on January 25 that the historic quadcopter had a damaged rotor blade and was no longer able to fly. “Even though we knew this day was inevitable, it doesn’t make it … Read more

Apple releases iOS 17.3 with Stolen Device Protection

Apple has released the long-awaited iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3 updates, bringing several improvements to supported devices. Unlike the rolling release strategy of some competitors, Apple has made these updates available to all users from the beginning. One of the standout features of the iOS 17.3 update is the introduction of innovative device theft protection. … Read more

Salaries of TikTok employees leak, they earn up to Rs 2 crore in a year

The website has revealed huge details about the salaries of TikTok employees, claiming that software engineers earn up to Rs 2 crore per year. here are the details. TikTok, the social media giant that has captured the world’s attention, is known not only for its vibrant content but also for its competitive workplace. Now, Business … Read more

OnePlus 12 series launch: expected price, specs leaks and everything we know so far

During the much-awaited ‘Smooth Beyond Belief’ event on January 23, OnePlus is all set to officially launch its flagship OnePlus 12 series in India along with the OnePlus 12R. Key whistleblower Abhishek Yadav’s recent leak on X provided information on the pricing details of the OnePlus 12, a day before the official launch. The leak … Read more

Samsung Galaxy AI vs Google Pixel AI battle

Samsung has launched its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series, which includes a range of innovative artificial intelligence features that redefine the mobile user experience. Branded as “Galaxy AI,” these features are designed to simplify everyday tasks, increase productivity and unlock creativity. Let’s take a look at the amazing features of the Galaxy S24, … Read more