Xiaomi’s first EV is the freshest take on a ‘smartphone on wheels’

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has unveiled its first electric car, the SU7, a sleek-looking sedan. Its launch in China is expected next year and marks another entrant into the increasingly crowded electric vehicle market. It’s another attempt to connect the technology people see on their phones with what’s happening in their car in a world … Read more

Google’s Nest Renew joins Alphabet spinoff to form Renew Home

Google Nest Renew is leaving Google and merging with energy management platform OmConnect to create a new company called Renew Home. Venture capital firm Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP), which is backing OmConnect and investing $100 million in the new company, announced the move, saying it would create “the nation’s largest energy transition resource.” Both Nest … Read more

Artificial Intelligence will eventually replace everything

Artificial Intelligence: Let’s start with a page from an episode of South Park that achieved the impossible: it was created entirely by artificial intelligence. Given that the use of artificial intelligence in film and television has been an issue during the extended Writers Guild of America strike and in light of the tentative agreement between … Read more