NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter officially ends its mission on Mars

After almost three years, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, which became the first spacecraft to fly past another world, has completed its mission. Agency officials confirmed on January 25 that the historic quadcopter had a damaged rotor blade and was no longer able to fly. “Even though we knew this day was inevitable, it doesn’t make it … Read more

Biggest Medical Advancements in 2023

A lot of things happened in this year 2023 but here are some Biggest Medical Advancements in 2023 which might attract your sight at once: Green light for CRISPR gene editing On December 8, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the world’s first CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing therapy (SN: 12/8/23). The treatment, called CasGevi, targets … Read more

Here’s how spiders that go overboard use light to find land

Biologist Brian Gall was hunting flying spiders from his kayak when he noticed an interesting pattern: after landing on the water’s surface, the arachnids quickly moved towards the nearest shore, no matter how far from dry land they were. Travelers, the long recumbent spider (Tetragnatha elongata), spin their webs on the banks of ponds to … Read more

Modernity in Health and Disease Diagnosis

From the agricultural age to the industrial age and now the electronic/information age, topics related to human health and disease diagnosis have been an important part of humanity’s primary interests in defining a meaningful existence on Earth. But what has changed over these periods: how and to what extent technology is used to solve problems; … Read more

Our Secret Sci-Fi World is going to be real soon

Knock knock Who’s there? It’s the future of wearing Nike sneakers that tighten while processing data and whispering sweet shopping tips in your ear. And it’s not just about the kicks. Whether it’s gadgets or clothes, from wristwatches to underwear (yes, you heard that right), artificial intelligence is poised to fundamentally change it all in … Read more