“Wasting His Time”: Oscar Winning Director Oliver Stone Takes Jab At Ryan Gosling In Barbie

Famous director Oliver Stone was deeply shocked by Ryan Gosling’s participation in Barbie. Stone is an Oscar-winning director known for his work on films such as Platoon, JFK and Natural Born Killers. Gosling is also an established Hollywood talent, having last year starred in Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking film Barbie.

According to CityAM, Stone turned down Gosling for the role in Barbie. According to the director, Gosling is “wasting his time” and “should make more serious films than Barbie.” Stone warned Gosling not to become “part of Hollywood’s adulthood.” Below is Stone’s full statement:

Ryan Gosling is wasting his time if he’s doing this shit for money. He should do more serious films. He should not be a part of this adultification of Hollywood. Now it’s all fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, including all the images of war: fantasy, fantasy.

Stone’s statement about Gosling’s role in Barbie is basic. Stone incorrectly placed Barbie in this small category, believing it to be simply “fantasy, fantasy” rather than an exceptionally crafted film. While Barbie’s appearance is neon pink and frivolous, the following scenario uses a campy perspective to highlight the truth about patriarchy and modern feminism. Barbie may flaunt her frivolity, but ultimately she does so to serve her characters, not to “childish” the art form with meaningless styling.

Stone underestimates the skill with which Gosling handles his performance. In many ways, playing Kane is a difficult role for the actor because he has to appear innocent while also playing the role of an exaggerated fool. From his performance of “I’m Just Kane” to Kane’s serious rendition of Mojo Dojo Casa, Gosling managed to convey a certain amount of sincerity in his portrayal of Kane while still remaining hilarious.

Gosling has made a lot of “more serious” films in his career. He is a two-time Oscar nominee for Half Nelson and La La Land, and has starred in several heavy drama films, including Blue Valentine and Drive. Barbie simply showcases the actor’s capabilities, as in the role of the classic doll, Gosling equally, if not surpasses, some of her more traditionally admirable roles.

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