‘Rick and Morty’ Season 7 will have these new amazing twists

Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty follows the adventures of a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather. The hook that makes this simple premise so effective is the unconventional relationship between this family duo – devoid of fatherly instincts Rick (Ian Cardoni), with Morty (Harry Belden) in the lead role. joke This dynamic is important to the show, becoming a test in freely measuring Rick and Morty’s character development. What’s more, their interactions are so funny and such an integral part of the show that it’s hard to imagine an episode without them.

“Rise of the Numerican: The Movie” is the first episode without Rick Sanchez

Rick and Morty is known for thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries, which is why it’s such an original and brilliant animated series of this generation. However, Season 7 showed that the sitcom’s disregard for the usual rules extends even to the enclave it created. Episode 8, titled “Rise of the Numericans: The Movie”, is the first episode of all 7 seasons without Rick. The episode features a battle between letters and numbers that brings back Ice-T (Dan Harmon), who first appeared in Season 2’s “Get Swifty,” one of the show’s most popular episodes.

During the highlight episode, Rick’s appearance is increasingly anticipated but never materialized, which is why this is the first episode without Rick Sanchez. Instead, “Rise of the Numerican: The Movie” focuses on a single story that follows the character Ice-T and the alphabet we first encountered in “Get Swifty.” The episode opens with a post-credits scene of “Get Swifty”, in which Ice-T returns to his home planet after the Numericon attack. With the help of Mr. Goldenfold (Brandon Johnson) and Morty, Numericon attacks the planet Ice/Water-T.

Can an episode of Rick and Morty really be without Rick?

This begs the question as to whether an episode without Rick can be a success. This feels like an attempt to highlight the least interesting thing in a season two episode that becomes even weaker without Rick. But then again, its lighthearted nature is reminiscent of previous episodes, which is a welcome relief from Prime Rick’s heavy, overarching narrative. Of course, this is a big change and raises the question of whether Rick is essential to a good episode of Rick and Morty. As mentioned earlier, this simple premise of grandfather and grandson works so well because of Rick and Morty’s dynamic – because who are Morty and Smith without Grandpa, the smartest guy in the universe? Will it be another animated family series like any other?

Plus, after some of the best episodes of Season 7, “Rise of the Numericans: The Movie” is under more pressure than it would have been if it had been the first episode without Rick. The standout was Season 7 Episode 4, “That’s Amores,” a classic Rick and Morty adventure that tackles difficult moral issues about people and spaghetti. The next episode, “Unmortrican,” had a big twist. Rick finally comes face to face with his longtime enemy, the First Rick, who in all universes killed his wife Diane (Carrie Wahlgren). This is a very important moment, its violence and sadness are monumental to the show. Rick beats First Rick to death, leaving him barely recognizable and leaving Rick himself covered in blood. Because it was brutal, serious, and had a huge shift in tone that we had never seen before. From this point until episode 8, it feels like a completely new season, and the disconnect is noticeable. From Rick’s serious character introspection to his complete absence, it makes us wonder what Rick and Morty has in store for us next.

Without belittling Smith, it’s safe to assume that Rick Sanchez is integral to each character’s development. He has faced most challenges alone, and his family has faced everything in the universe – from megatree seeds, clean planets, space battles, and chaos, to name a few, with Morty, Summer (Spencer) undoubtedly helping. Shape Grammer), Beth (Sarah Chalke) and Jerry (Chris Parnell) are among those we will see in Season 7. Moreover, the dynamic between Rick and Morty is a hallmark of each episode – their hilarious exchanges are a defining factor of the series. Without Rick, Morty’s character lacks this dynamic and layered character, so his absence feels unstable and almost incomplete. We have to ask ourselves, who is Morty without Rick? Is Rick and Morty worth watching without Rick?

Well, the Rick and Morty Without Rick series proves once again that they are not prisoners of their formula. By promoting the “full meta geek” of Season 6, it’s clear that the show and the writers aren’t ready to settle and will instead step off the field, even if it means a risky welcome; This is “The Birth of the Numerican: The Movie.” This change and twist in the story of Season 7 makes us believe that something new is happening in Rick and Morty, and even more, something completely unexpected.

“Rise of the Numericans: The Movie” left us waiting for the familiar blue-haired grandfather to appear on our screens with witty commentary – either to save the day or even create an intergalactic home for the Smiths. Cable will return. . Rick’s absence reminds us of what made us love this show so much and how his absence, even for one episode, affects what we know about Rick and Morty. This transition continues to prove that Season 7 is as unpredictable as ever. With new voice actors, references to the beginning of the season, and Vijay as the main rival, the current season and the future of Rick and Morty are completely uncertain.

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