Reindeer that blocked the road after escaping from Santa’s cave, captured

Two reindeer have been caught causing a highway to be closed after escaping from a Christmas attraction on a country estate. The animals got it on Sunday from the Elveden estate in Suffolk, where they were taken to an event at Santa’s grotto. They both traveled on the A11 near Barton Mills, forcing police to … Read more

Ultrasounds might lead fires due to upcoming battery defects

It’s hard to imagine a world without the lithium-ion batteries that power today’s laptops and mobile devices, but the technology has its limits. One way researchers are working to break the energy density barrier and significantly extend the battery life of these devices (and many others) is to bring pure lithium metal into the mix. … Read more

Craziest ‘Animal’ Behind the Scenes Which Will Give You a Great Pleasure

As we all know now a days Ranbir Kapoor’s starrer movie Animal is in great demand among the audience. People are repeatedly watching this movie not just because of the star cast but in fact of the fight scenes. Especially, when we talk about the song “Arjun Valley” theatre audience felt goosebumps during the scene. … Read more