Craziest ‘Animal’ Behind the Scenes Which Will Give You a Great Pleasure

As we all know now a days Ranbir Kapoor’s starrer movie Animal is in great demand among the audience. People are repeatedly watching this movie not just because of the star cast but in fact of the fight scenes. Especially, when we talk about the song “Arjun Valley” theatre audience felt goosebumps during the scene. Fortunately, this movie crossed all the Bollywood collections and breaks the records. According to the reports, makeup artist Amit Amberkar says that the movie makers used 25-30 litres of blood just for the first fight scenes of hotel. This was the scene where Ranbir Kapoor single handedly killed many masked goons during the fight.

As per the sources, this fight scenes were rehearsed for about 10 days long period before Ranbir Kapoor Joined them. After watching the team dedication, Ranbir agreed to do the scene himself and refused makers to hire his body double. However, to make these fighting scenes more realistic, filmmakers added Marathi and punjabi music in the scene. That song was sung by the Ranbir’s cousins in the movie where he started fighting and slicing the enemies with an ax.

Maker said that Ranbir was made for the scenes and he was perfect fit for that. In the movie Suresh Selvarajan Showed gun and it looked like Hollywood style gun but in fact in the movie it called as Made in India Weapon. Selvarajan took around four months to construct this huge machine gun which first made like wooden prototype. Ranbir Kapoor practiced with wooden one but after filming on the screen it was machine made steel gun.

Makers want to attract the audience towards Ranbir Kapoor’s face that was the reason they made his face less bloody after the blast so that he could be clearly seen by all the people on screen. Makers gave his nose cut and his chin a little bit bloody. Overall, director was there who was guiding the team to do the proper makeover.

Selvarajan says, we ripped actor’s clothes and added some blood over there too so that it could be seen as the scenario after blast. He further says, we got the final look after about an hour but it was really challenging though. It was not such easy task to work with such a big artist. This whole process took almost a month to design the fighting scenes. But we were told a day before that we have to do makeup to Ranbir. We were sure we already are ready for this but we didn’t realise that we have to work on face and clothes too.

The sequence took 15 days to complete and was even more tougher than before. We shoot in London where the temperature was 8 degrees only. This was the scene when Ranbir Kapoor confronted Bobby Deol and Cut his throat using a knife.

The whole climax took 11 days to shoot and was very tiring for the whole cast. Director says that scenes should be much angrier to watch as it was the fight between two brothers in the film.

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